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          Jewelry since ages has been a form of beautifying oneself and personal adornment. Both men and women prefer accessories in the form of jewelry that would go with their personality, dress and choice. The Nassarius shells are considered the oldest range of jewelry worn by humans. From precious stones, pearl, shells to modern beads, jewelry have been symbols of class, appreciation and beauty if not used for medical purposes such as alert bracelet.

          In modern times, even men prefer nose rings, ear studs and piercing rings for self decoration. It is part of their style statement and often their personality. For women, jewelry is not only their wardrobe asset but something that makes them look beautiful and attractive when combined with the right kind of apparels.


          Hairpins, toe rings, finger rings, earrings, nose rings, necklace, bracelets and bangles are some of the common buys for accessory lovers. Tribal groups across the world have specialized in making hand made jewelry, especially beads, seeds from plants and shells, popular among teenagers.

          Pendants, medals, brooches, wedding rings, anklet, belly rings are other products available in the market. People may also keep religious symbols of a cross in the form of jewelry. In modern times, men and women also vouch for stone studded belts, armlets and several hair accessories. Funky jewelry that are less expensive are available in the markets that go fine with casual wear and gives a chic look. For Indian weddings though, customs and traditions involves wearing of gold and heavy metal jewelry. Diamond jewelry has gained prominence for their cuts and designs.

          • Beaded Jewelry - Handmade jewelry often with a vintage touch, beads are weaved into a chain and made to give a lovely appearance. The main advantage in this type of jewelry is the variety in color, shapes, sizes and shades that will go perfectly with your dress. Most of the time, they are petty inexpensive as well.

          • Terracotta Jewelry - Terracotta is bakes earth or clay turned to different items such as pottery, sculptures, show pieces and also jewelry items. Terracotta has an important place in the history of art. Jewelry of terracotta is popular in the states of West Bengal, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh where pottery, brick making and sculpture making is a vibrant industry. Terracotta jewelry can be the finest pieces of necklaces and bangles.

          • Tribal Jewelry - Tribal accessories are age old love of women much for their natural making with most common items found around you. They have abstract look and a trendy flair that sets it different from gemstone jewelry. Various tribes made these accessories in forests and caves for self decorations, and today is a vibrant industry in India. There are tribal emporiums and shops in Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal.

          • Sandalwood Jewelry - Wooden jewelry that comes at a price and available in yellow and matte shade. Sandal beads have some religious and also medicinal implications. You can make a necklace out of several beads even at home.

          • Shell Jewelry - Shells found on the sea beaches are a great jewelry form now. Shops in Goa, Tamil Nadu and Orissa sell a number of shell items including elegant neckpieces, earrings and bracelets.

          • Pearl Jewelry - Round and smooth pearl beads available in black, white and pink shades make for elegant neckpieces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Made of natural properties undersea, there are both natural and real pearl sets and also imitation pearls available in the market.

          • Diamond Jewelry - Precious stone jewelry mostly brought on weddings and engagement. Diamond market is a vibrant one in Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. There are branded diamond jewelry brands such as Nakshatra, D’ Damas, Asmi, Tanishq, Debeers and Gili ruling the fashion bazaar.

          • Silver Jewelry - The white polished jewelry that is less expensive than gold in rate, silver anklets, rings and even earthenware of silver and popular buys in Indian household.

          • Gold Jewelry - Most Indian weddings, engagements and religious ceremonies are incomplete without gold jewelry. The leaping gold rate in India is a cause of worry to many gold lovers. They are important assets and known for intricate crafting and designs. Bangles, armlets, tiara, rings, earrings and anklets are the major buys.

          • Platinum Jewelry - The upcoming set of fine jewelry item that reflects class and more expensive than gold.


          Materials used are diamonds, bronze, gold, silver and metal finishes. Apart from functional use, jewelry of precious stones and gold are assets. Modern range of jewelry also includes white gold, platinum, titanium and rodium. Gold is measured in carats. Ivory is another material used in traditional jewelry. Diamonds were first mined and crafted in India and are now the finest stones for wedding rings all over the world. Other gemstones used to design elegant necklaces, rings and earpieces are:

          • Amethyst
          • Emerald
          • Jade
          • Quartz
          • Amber
          • Sapphire
          • Pearls
          • Turquoise


          With jewelry design a vibrant profession for many today, accessories have gone through several modifications. New ideas of designs and crafts are taking over where silver and gold dominates but body piercing ornaments are increasingly on demand. For women, belly chains, rings and toe rings are taking over and a party wear is nothing but a heavy metal earring with exquisite design. Men too prefer cufflinks, bracelets of silver, ear studs and piercing jewelry.


          Art jewelry in present times is a fusion of old traditions and styles and modern designs. Gemstones are not in use, instead plastics, fibre, beads and wood are put to best use. Tribal jewelry and Tibetan handicrafts belong to this category.


          The largest consumer of jewelry is United States, followed by Japan and India. Gold covers around 80 per cent of Indian market and demand for rest is silver, diamond and costume jewelry.

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