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          brass dancing lady

          Brass Dancing Lady

          A delicately carved brass statue displaying a girl in a dancing posture makes it a priced possession.

          brass snake man

          Brass Snake Man

          This uniquely crafted brass figure of a snake-charmer playing on his pipe is a beautiful decorative item.

          brass girl statue 101

          Brass Girl Statue

          This brass girl statuette in a dancing posture reflects the unparalleled charm of a woman.

          brass horse202

          Brass Horse

          The nicely carved brass horse statue depicts the potential of a horse as an animal.

          brass surahi101

          Brass Surahi

          This delicately carved brass surahi serves to be a great gift item for the occasion of Diwali.

          brass girl statue 100

          Brass Girl Statue

          The unequalled womanly elegance and stylishness is mirrored in this brass girl figurine.

          hanging decorations103

          Hanging Decoration

          The elaborate carvings on this brass hanging decorations serve as a unique piece of home decoration.

          brass horse204

          Brass Horse

          A model of a very beautiful brass horse is unique both in hardiness and in temperament.

          brass horse200

          Brass Horse

          An intricately carved brass statuette of a horse is indeed the reflection of the creator’s imagination.

          brass elephant300

          Brass Elephant

          The intricately engraved brass elephant is elegant and refined in its own charm.

          brass fighting bull101

          Brass Fighting Bull

          This delicately carved set of bulls shows that a fighting bull is worth many times more than an ordinary bulls.

          brass fighting bull102

          Brass Fighting Bull

          A meticulously engraved antique brass set of fighting bulls is sure to make its position permanent as a grand memento.

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