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          Home Decor Tips


          • Before you start decorating your home, formulate a plan. Plan should include the rooms you want to renovate/ decorate; the style you would like; the colors; woodwork etc. that needs to be done. It will help you save both time and money.

          • Light colors make the space look larger and open. If you have small apartment/ rooms and want to make it look big, select the light colored paint for the walls. As far as possible try and select the light colour upholstery/ furnishing for the rooms.

          • If you want to use two or three colors for painting a room, keep a basic law in mind: The colors should belong to the same family. A combination of red and blue will not give a soothing look. But the combination of red with pale orange will lighten up the room.

          • Decide your style of decoration- ethnic, modern or a blend of two. Pick and arrange all the upholstery in the rooms according to your taste. Be practical while buying the things. Buy only if it is within the budget, you have space to keep it and time to maintain. Do not buy just because it will look pretty in the house.

          • Pick the rooms to decorate one by one. Picking in one room at a time narrows the scope so the project does not look huge and also gives you budget. You can mix the style from different cultures and give a new look to your room.

          • While redecorating your kitchen, first of all get rid of all the not required things. Clear the counter, remove everything except the microwave; clear the fridge. While you work in the kitchen you will keep on adding and placing the things at different places. This will give you an idea, what all things you actually need in the kitchen and what spaces you use frequently. You can then plan accordingly.

          • Kitchen is the place that requires light in every nook and corner. Good quality fixtures should be used in the kitchen ceiling and maybe 1 or 2 on the side walls. More the light and ventilation in the kitchen, more you enjoy working there.

          • All the equipments should be organized in a systematic and handy manner in the kitchen, so that you don’t have to search for it when required. Your kitchen must have a set of extra serving spoons, set of knives, a pair of scissors, kitchen towel, hand wash soap, pack of tissues, a small bundle of cotton and band aid, Kitchen watch and Calendar is also a must.

          • Before making any major purchases for furnishings, remember to set a coordination between the floor and the furnishing color. Paint color should also be selected accordingly.

          • Repeat the color you have selected for one room in other rooms as well. No don’t paint all the rooms in same color but paint colour of one room can be used in some form (flowers or paintings or curtains) in other rooms as well, to add it to the color scheme.

          • If you have a small narrow room, arrange furniture at one side and keep the natural walkways open. Ensure that you have rugs placed in a way that one can either walk on them or completely off them.

          • Do not add too many pieces of furniture to make more seating space in the room. Try to add dual purpose solving pieces that can serve as seating when more people are there.

          • Adding some fresh pillows with some vibrant and in trend covers can instantly update the room. Check out a few décor magazines and flash books before deciding on the trend that is in.
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