ƷHow to Make Roses out of Ribbon | DIY Craft Ideas


          Ribbon Roses


          Time Required: 10 to 15 minutes


          1. Ribbon or a long piece of silk or satin cloth
          2. Floral green tape
          3. Wire for stem
          4. Scissors
          5. Fevicol


          1. Cut a piece of ribbon to about 8 inch long.

          2. Fold the ribbon at the halfway mark and make an L shape as shown in the figure.

          3. Take the bottom strand of the ribbon and fold it upwards.

          4. Now take the strand of the ribbon that's pointing right and fold it across to the left side.

          5. Again fold the ribbon first from top to bottom and then from left to right.

          6. Continue folding the ribbon in this manner until you get a stack of squares. Make sure you alternate the horizontal and vertical folds.

          7. Now pinch the loose ends of the ribbon together and release the stack of squares.

          8. Hold one end of the ribbon and slowly lift up the other end from the bottom. This will cause the ribbon to gather, making a knot of petals. Stop lifting up once you have reached the center otherwise the outer layer of petals will shrink away.
          9. Tie a knot in the back of the rose and trim the excess ribbon.

          10. Take a wire and stick it at the bottom of the rose.

          11. Wrap the wire with floral green tape starting from the top of the wire going down.

          Your rose is now ready. Make some more roses with ribbons of different colors and then decorate all your roses in a vase.

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