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          Fall Centerpiece


          Submitted By:
          Jhuma Dash

          Time Required: 20 to 30 minutes (approx)


          • For Base
            1. Golden wire
            2. Nylon stocking - blue and dual yellow orange
            3. Thread
            4. Hot glue
            5. Decorative feathers
            6. Scissors

          • For Vase
            1. Plastic box or glass (I use glass in this project)
            2. Square glass or plastic mirrors
            3. Hot glue
            4. Acrylic colors
            5. Styrofoam


          1. For base, first of all make 6 blue color petals using no. 6 ring size and 6 dual yellow orange color petals using no. 4 ring size. (size is your choice).

          2. Cut a round cardboard according to your vase base size.

          3. Stick your stocking petals in the card board using hot glue or if you are using any other glue make sure to secure for some time.

          4. After sticking two layers of stocking petals adjust feathers in gap areas. Leave it for some time. Now your base is ready.

          5. For vase just stick glass/ plastic pre cut mirrors onto vase with the help of glue. Let it dry for some time.

          6. Now your vase is ready. You can stick glass onto flower base with the help of hot glue or two sided felt stickers.

          7. For decoration, I use some dry fruits and maple leaves, these are easily available in the market. You can use according to your choice. Put all together and wrap with floral tape to secure it.

          8. Put it all together in a vase. A little square of Styrofoam is helpful if you want more control over how the leaves and decorative fruits come out of the vase. Put some dry potpourri or anything of your choice. I use potpourri.

          9. That's it. Your centerpiece is ready. This is so simple and inexpensive.
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