ңHow to Make an Easter Wreath, Art and Craft Ideas


          Easter Wreath


          Submitted By:
          Jhuma Dash

          Time Required: 20 to 30 minutes (approx)


          1. Foam wreath
          2. 2 big bags of colorful plastic eggs
          3. Hot glue
          4. White, pink and red ribbons
          5. Glitter glue
          6. Plastic or silk flower petals
          7. Plastic green leaves
          8. Pearl beads
          9. Sewing pins


          1. The wreath is round white Styrofoam. Wrap it with pink ribbon so you wouldn’t see the white part.

          2. Just glue your eggs on the inside of the wreath first, then upper side with alternating colors, leaving 1 1/2 inches on bottom.

          3. Do not glue eggs on the back side of the wreath because this side will sit flat against the door or wall.

          4. Use a pen or thin bamboo sticks to push the green leaves and flowers into the gaps with hot glue.

          5. Use sewing pins to secure flowers and leaves onto the wreath.

          6. You can also decorate it with beads. I used a little pink bead heart on top of the wreath.

          7. Make a bow with white and red ribbons. First create white ribbon bow with big loops and then red with smaller loops.

          8. Use hot glue as well as sewing pins to secure red bow over white bow. I also used glitter glue to decorate my white ribbon.

          Now your Ester Wreath is ready. This is a simple, fun little project you can use as wall decoration or welcome door wreath.

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