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          Butterfly Craft


          Submitted By:
          Jhuma Dash

          Time Required: 10 to 15 minutes (approx)


          1. Nylon Stocking
          2. Silver Wires
          3. Floral Tape
          4. Beads
          5. Glitters
          6. Thread
          7. Plier
          8. Scissor
          9. Ring Sets
          10. Glue


          1. Wrap wire around #7 size ring (size of the ring depends upon how big you want your butterfly). Twist wires where they meet.

          2. Tighten with pliers. Do not cut wire. Remove ring from wire loop.

          3. Use the excess wire to form a second loop.

          4. Twist wire and tighten the second loop with plier.

          5. Now cut excess wire so that you have proper shape.

          6. Repeat steps 1-5 to make another pair of loops using #6 size ring (less then your 1st loop's size ring).

          7. Form the two sets of loops into wing shape. The larger loops are used for upper wings and smaller are used for lower wings.

          8. Stretch the large loops into oval shape and crimp small waves into the loops.

          9. Do the same for smaller loops in whatever shape you want.

          10. Wrap one wing with nylon stocking and secure nylon onto wire with thread. Cut excess nylon.

          11. Repeat step 10 for other wings.

          12. Tie the two sets of wings together with thread.

          13. Cut a piece of wire into 6-7 inches long, put beads into wire to make butterfly body.

          14. Wrap the center of the butterfly with nylon and Knot to tie off.

          15. Re-arrange wings.

          16. Use extra wire to make antennas for the butterfly with colorful beads.

          17. Use hot glue or wire to attach the body to the wings to complete the butterfly.

          18. use glitter glues to decorate butterfly wings as per your desire.

          Butterfly can be attached to walls, windows or where ever you want using double sided tape or hot glue.

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